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SEOmoz Toolbar Available for Chrome

July 29, 2010 in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by dankennedy

SEOmoz announced this morning the release of their new SEO toolbar for Chrome. I’ve downloaded and played around with it, pretty much all the functionality of the current toolbar for Firefox. You still need to become a member to open up the full reports & tools, but this is a great little toolbar. Now, if Google would take a lesson and release their toolbar for Chrome, wouldn’t that be wonderful!

SEOmoz SEO toolbar for Chrome - Download

SEOmoz SEO toolbar for Chrome - Download

Yahoo! currently testing Bing results

July 23, 2010 in Online Marketing, Paid Search (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by dankennedy

As reported across the various SEO blogs, Yahoo! is currently Bing Organic and Paid results in their SERPS. It looks like about 25% of the queries done on Yahoo are being feed with Bing organic results. Yahoo! is also pulling some adcenter paid search ads at this time.

I tested a few popular client queries on both engines and was unable to get an exact match between them. Some of the screen shots out there show the identical results. So, the big question. What does it matter? Well if you are doing about the same from an organic standpoint, it will not effect you much. But now is a good time to insure you have a good standing with Bing.

Now would be a good time to install the new Bing Webmaster tools if you haven’t already. Be sure your site is being properly indexed by Bing and take a look at where you rank for your popular terms. It’s estimated that Bing will represent 30% of the total search market share when the ‘search alliance’ between Microsoft and Yahoo! is completed.

We’ve had very good look optimizing for Bing, so for us, this is a great development and can’t happen soon enough!

Google Releases Enhanced Local Business Listings

July 14, 2010 in Paid Search (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by dankennedy

For those of you that do SEM for local businesses… Google has rolled out in the local business center new enhance listings. For $25 per month you can enhance your listing with things like a link to your coupon, video or some other special promotion.

Adding this will not effect your ranking, but should help your CTR. For most businesses $25 a month is affordable and will be worth the investment.

Checkout this example from a local results search query on listing E: ‘Massage Boulder’
Google Local Enhanced Listing Screen Shot

This is easy to setup and any business receiving more than 50 views of the local listing should consider doing this to help your listing stand out.

Keyword Strategizer – New Wordtracker Tool Review

June 23, 2010 in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by dankennedy

I signed up for the new keyword strategizer tool being offered by Wordtracker and gave it a test run. The program is easy to connect to your Google Analytics account and it pulls all of your profiles simply enough. The idea behind the tool is that it combines like-keywords into groups or keyword ‘niches’ allowing you to understand broad keyword phrases that through the long-tail have the most traffic potential.

After running this on three of the sites that I manage, I have to say, its very promising technology, but it didn’t provide any new or useful information. Maybe because these are sites I’m very familiar with the keyword niches already…. I think the tool could be great for taking an initial look at a new website, but not a lot of use if you have good PPC data already. Another con of the tool is that it only looks at Organic traffic, so it will miss niches that a site has yet to rank for (and this is probably why your customer has hired you to begin with!). The tool is more for finding additional low hanging fruit keywords.

Anyway, that’s my take on the application. I would love to hear from anyone else that has experience or is trying out the tool.