Google Beta Testing New Product Listing Ads

April 06, 2010 in Paid Search (PPC) by dankennedy

Google announced they are beta testing a new type of product listings ads.

For a while adwords has been allowing you to connect your Paid Search and Google Merchant accounts, augmenting your ads with relevant products.  Product listing ads takes this one step further by replacing your current ad with a specific product, showing an image, name and price.

Google plans to role this out on a CPA model. Instead of paying for each click, advertisers pay a fee for each sale. Currently product listing ads are in beta, and it looks like only available to large retailers like Target, Walmart and QVC.

This could be a great way for Google and advertisers to come out ahead if it gets more people buying. I think there is more value here in long-tail phrases that are very specific to one product. Ususally you want more general keyword phrases to land on a category page where you can show off your selection.

More information one product listing ads:


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